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TekSupportSpy Remote Tech Support/Computer Repair
We Are Ready To Support You

We support Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS 10.12 and Up

Microsoft Office, Software, Zoom, PC Hardware and other components are supported by TekSupportSpy. We'll let you know if we have no experience with a particular program. But we have experience with most, if not all, programs and applications supported by Windows and MAC.

We service all time zones
NATIONWIDE every Wednesday and Saturday. We are available to provide you with remote Tech Support at

Tech Support Call Hours: MORE HOURS COMING SOON
Wednesday 4 PM - 10 PM EST
Saturday 12 PM - 10 PM EST



For the Surrounding Columbus Ohio Area Only:

If need computer repairs or data recovery services, email or call 1-844-930-5785.

Allow us to be your dedicated personal I.T. Guy!

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Computer Setup and General Troubleshooting 39.99

Our computer setup and troubleshooting service will allow us to help you set up your computer. It can be a Mac or a Windows machine. We can also troubleshoot and resolve your computer issue. We'll remote into your computer and  look over your computer problem, then begin to troubleshoot to obtain a resolution. A new computer setup may require video conferencing. We can also train you on how to troubleshoot the issue and we give you notesThis is at an additional cost of $29.99 which includes us developing your notes.

Router Installation & Setup $99.99 

We will help you setup your new router and help you understand routing concepts surrounding the SSID, WPA2, IP addresses, port forwarding, etc. We'll remote into your computer and walk you through the process of setting up the router. 

Printer Installation and Set Up $49.99

With this service, we'll troubleshoot your printer to resolve any printer, scan, or WIFI connection issue. If need assistance setting up the printer's connections or installing the printer drivers, we can help you. We'll remote into your computer and begin troubleshooting your printer issue.

Network Troubleshooting $110.99  

Do you need help troubleshooting your wifi network? We can help. We can walk you through networking commands (ex., ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /renew, release, etc.) to attempt to fix your network issue and explain what the commands are used for. Troubleshooting a network can be challenging, but we can work with you and give you knowledge surrounding an IP network. 

Microsoft Office Installation/Troubleshoot $45.99 

We can help you install your newly purchased Microsoft Office 365 or any Office version (ex., Home and Business, etc.). If need to reinstall Office to a new computer, we can help deactivate the previous office install from the old computer; then install office on the new computer. We'll remote into your computer and help you with your Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Excel issue.

Custom Build PC Troubleshooting $59.99 

Are you having problems with your custom PC build? We can help. We'll walk you through steps to troubleshoot your issue, whether its with your motherboard, your AIO cooler, or your wiring. We'll attempt to guide you through steps to resolve your custom pc issue with the opportunity for you to learn something about your PC, especially if its your first build. NOTE: Depending on the session we may do Video Conferencing. 

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