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Computer Learning Workshops

 Weekend Computer Learning Virtual Workshops 

  • FREE Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 1 (4 seats per session)

    • Friday Afternoons 

  • Windows 10 File Explorer (4 seats per session)​

    • Saturday Morning, Afternoon, and Evening (Currently Unavailable)

  • One FREE One-on-One Computer/Software PC Coaching Only (by appointment)​

    • Every Friday and Sunday (Additional Sessions are Fee-Based)

  • Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 2 (Available)

  • Understanding Web Browsers in Windows (Coming Soon)

  • MacOS: Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey Navigation Part 1 (Coming Soon)

  • Windows 11 Navigation (Coming Soon)​

  • Windows 10 vs 11 Differences (Coming Soon)

  • Wifi Router Setup (Coming Soon)

  • Printer Setup/Troubleshooting (Coming Soon)

  • Windows Control Panel Refresher (Coming Soon)


All workshops are available NATIONWIDE and are only online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams with a remote connection so the Instructor can assist you with workshop exercises.


Questions, send us an email to

Call Us or Text Us at 1-844-930-5785

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer in-person workshops. But we hope to provide them in the future. As we grow, we will begin to offer in-person workshops in your state. 


Meanwhile, please support TekSupportSpy by sharing our website with your family and friends. Follow @TekSupportSpy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You may also grab a logo t-shirt from our Apparel Store. 

Thank You.



One-on-One Basic Computer Training and Coaching

You tell us the computer or software topic you'd like to learn.

Image by freestocks

Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 2

The second part to  Windows 10 novice or beginner user navigation workshop.


MacOS: Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey Navigation Part 1

Want to learn more about the MacOS navigation? This workshop is for you.

MacBook Pro on Desk

Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 1

If you feel you are a novice or beginner user with Windows 10 then this workshop is for you.

Image by Lorenzo Herrera

Windows 10 File Explorer Workshop

Don't fully understand Windows File Explorer? Then sign up for this workshop.

Image by Windows

How TekSupportSpy Can Help You

Computer WorkShop Feedback With TekSupportSpy

Example of Our One-On-One Trainings

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