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Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 2

If you'd like to learn more about navigating in Windows 10 because you may not be fully familiar with Windows 10, then sign up for TekSupportSpy's SECOND PART to the Windows 10 Beginner Navigation Part 1 workshop.


This workshop is set up in a virtual learning environment with 4-5 attendees joined together on Zoom or Microsoft Teams with your TekSupportSpy Workshop Guide. TekSupportSpy requires a remote connection to your computer so the Workshop Guide can assist you during exercises. Workshop notes are also given to attendees to keep for their reference.

This workshop (1 hour) will go over the following:

  • Windows 10 Start Menu Left-Click Navigation

  • Windows 10 Start Menu List Options

This is just Part 2 of the Windows 10 Beginner Navigation workshop series. More beginner workshops are in development.

Note: Your Workshop Instructor is knowledgeable of Windows 10 and is a former College I.T. Instructor. So you are learning from a resource who has experience teaching in a college setting.

Email if your preferred workshop time is not available.

How to Sign Up For a Workshop

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