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One-on-One Basic Computer Training


Learn more about your computer and use a dedicated resource to help you learn your computer one-on-one for 1 hour virtually via Zoom. Let us help you become tech savvy by providing you this valuable service.


Sign up for a One-on-One training session on any computer topic or troubleshooting subject you'd like to learn. We'll connect via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and go over the topics you'd like to know more about. Then go through training exercises surrounding your topics, all while we are answering your questions and developing your training notes for you to keep, so you can refer back to them later. You don't have to take training notes, we'll take the notes for you.

We can go over the computer and/or troubleshooting topics such as:

  • Learn Windows 10 Navigation or How to Troubleshoot

  • Learn Windows 11 Navigation or How to Troubleshoot

  • Browsers

  • Software (ex., Office 365, Google Doc, etc.)

  • Custom Built PC Troubleshooting

  • Printer/PC Troubleshooting

This workshop is dedicated time to you; to learn more about how to use your computer or to understand how to fix system issues you may come across. We want to help you become more tech-savvy with your computer and technology in general.

Note: Your One-on-One Instructor is knowledgeable in computers and is a former College I.T. Instructor. So you are learning from a resource who has experience teaching in a college setting. The first session is Free, additional training sessions are fee-based.

Email if you have questions.

Computer Workshop Satisfaction

We develop your session notes during the training session. Session notes include screenshots and content to help reinforce the topics discussed during training. See an example below.

Computer Training Notes
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